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Where will your lifestyle take you?

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At Lifestyle Advisers, our focus is centred on helping you achieve your desired lifestyle! For us to effectively assist you to achieve this, we look beyond the numbers and consider your overall position including such factors as job security, family plans, short-term and long-term goals and any other factors that will impact on your desired outcomes. What this means in real terms is: we need to know who you are as a person! We want to know all about you! Equally, we want you to know us as a person as well! Feel free to ask us about who we are, we are happy to welcome you as part of our friendship fold, not keep you at arms length as a ‘customer’!

To review what you should be looking at when searching for a financial planner, please have a look at our article on Seeking Financial Advice and from this, you will find that we are a sound practice that has a lot to offer towards your financial security.

Our Process

The initial advice process covers our first appointment all the way through to the implementation of your financial plan.  We do this by:

Identifying where you want to be

We help you identify your financial and lifestyle goals. This makes sure we understand your needs and you can understand what to expect from us.

Considering the opportunities and risks

We assess your current situation and investigate the options available for you to reach your goals.

Bridging the gap

Based on discussions with you and research we conduct, we will devise a strategy to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

Bringing your plan to life

We work closely with you to implement your financial plan.  We help you to complete any necessary paperwork and are available to attend meetings with your accountant, solicitor and general insurer so that your strategy is implemented efficiently.

Staying on track with regular ongoing advice

We design an ongoing service programme to ensure your plan remains up to date as your life changes and so you can obtain the benefits of ongoing reliable advice.

Sometimes, life takes us in unplanned directions.  When you need a little extra help on top of our initial or ongoing advice, just ask us to provide you with some additional advice.  We are there to help you – whatever the occasion!

Our Services

Aged Care Planning

When the time comes for you or a loved one to consider moving to an aged care facility, the last thing you want to be worrying about is the financial side of the move. Having that side sorted out early will mean that you already know if you will be putting the family home on the market or not and you can concentrate on the emotional side of the move.
We can assist you to make important decisions about the best care option to undertake by providing advice on:

  • the costs associated with the different options including accommodation bonds,
  • how pensions and other social security entitlements may be affected,
  • the effect of keeping the family home,
  • how to structure income streams to support the ongoing cost of care, and
  • estate planning (powers of attorney, wills etc).
Are you ready to retire?

Planning for retirement can start from the first day you commence work! While most of us are not thinking about retirement until it is almost upon us, getting a head start could bring your retirement day earlier or set you up for a better lifestyle during retirement.

Your retirement plan should also include a strategy of how you will retire. There have been many cases were a person has reached the time to retire and they don’t know what to do with themselves as they haven’t considered their life without working.

We can provide advice on investment and superannuation strategies that can help you achieve you lifestyle goals for retirement.

Your super fund...

While super may be compulsory, not all funds are the same and the result you will get at the end may not have been what you thought.

You may also need to consider just how much you are contributing to your super fund. It may be that it's not enough when the time comes to use it!

Being advised on the right fund for you and the outcomes self-contributions could make may put that golden lining on your retirement lifestyle.


What will happen to your estate when you are gone?

Are your assets going to be left to the people that you want them to go to? Are the strategies appropriate for tax effectiveness? We can help you plan your estate for the best outcomes for you and your family.

Investment Portfolio Construction, Wealth Accumulation and Wealth Management

A sound investment portfolio can set you up for life, but with so many choices, it is not always easy to know where to put your money to ensure the right returns for your lifestyle plan. Having clear goals and a well laid out investment and savings plan will ensure that you can accumulate the wealth that will support the lifestyle you desire.

Are you prepared for the unexpected?

The death of a loved one can be stressful for a family both emotionally and financially. How will your family cope financially, if you are ill, injured or no longer around? We can provide advice on options available to you to help provide a safety net for you and your family in the event of sickness, disability or death.